Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Hmmm??? Interesting........

Many fish can change sex during the course of their lives. Others, especially rare deep-sea fish, have both male and female sex organs.Clown fish can change sex. All clown fish are born male and when a female dies, the most dominant male clown fish changes its sex and becomes female.

Starfish don't have any brains. They don't even have a single drop of blood in their bodies.

Starfish can regenerate a lost arm and in some cases a new starfish is generated from an arm.

Starfish has two stomachs.....(Bet you didn't know that!)

WOW! The leather back sea turtles are the largest living turtle species. They are also the fourth largest of all reptile species.

Really???   Did you know that dolphins are the only mammals whose babies are born tail first? This was an interesting dolphin fact!

Mimic octopus got its name because of its ability to mimic other creatures around it. (lol.....I wonder if it's gonna mimic me if I get close to it!)
So they can't hear?
An octopus is completely deaf!
They have three hearts and it's blood is light blue. (Now that's a real 'Blue Blood')

Sharks attack some 50-75 people each year worldwide, with perhaps 8-12 fatalities, according to data compiled in the International Shark Attack File (ISAF). external Although shark attacks get a lot of attention, this is far less than the number of people killed each year by elephants, bees, crocodiles, lightning or many other natural dangers. On the other side of the ledger, we kill somewhere between 20-100 million sharks every year through fishing activities.
So your not as vicious as you look? I'm not taking any chances to pet you though!     

:0 Colorful and musical romance!

Sea horses are monogamous and mate for life! Every morning, they come together with their pathner, dance, change their color, twirl around with linked tails and then separate for the rest of the day.
While mating, sea horses utter musical sounds!